Public Directives

collapse Chapter : 01 – Manual System ‎(3)
1-100.pdf1-100 Directive Manual
1-101.pdf1-101 Directive Manual Format
1-102.pdf1-102 Acronyms, Abbreviations & Definitions
collapse Chapter : 02 – Organization ‎(13)
2-100.pdf2-100 Mission, Vision, Goals and Core Values
2-101.pdf2-101 Oath of Office
2-102.pdf2-102 Code of Ethics
2-103.pdf2-103 Mission Essential Task List Revised 1-7-15
2-104.pdf2-104 Authority and Jurisdiction Revised 1-7-15
2-105.pdf2-105 Referral of Incidents to Allied Law Enforcement
2-106.pdf2-106 Appointing Authority (12-16)
2-107.pdf2-107 Organizational Direction
2-108.pdf2-108 Position Responsibility (revised 5-15-15)
2-109.pdf2-109 Organizational Chart (Revised 8-15)
2-110.pdf2-110 Statewide Law Enforcement Authority (revised 7-15)
2-111.pdf2-111 Criminal Investigation Division (Revised 3-12-15)
2-112.pdf2-112 Inter-Agency Relationships
collapse Chapter : 03 – Administrative Communications ‎(9)
3-100.pdf3-100 Administrative Communications (revised 1-17)
3-101.pdf3-101 Sample Format for Orders and Detailed Reports
3-102.pdf3-102 Dissemination, Indexing (Revised 3-15-15)
3-103.pdf3-103 Notification Process
3-104.pdf3-104 Personnel Actions
3-106.pdf3-106 News Media Access (3-27-15)
3-107.pdf3-107 Acceptable Use For Computer Resources (4-16)
3-108.pdf3-108 Use of Social Networking Websites (4-16)
3-109.pdf3-109 METER-NCIC (4-16)
collapse Chapter : 04 – Personnel Administration ‎(19)
4-100.pdf4-100 Leave Benefits and Procedures (Revised 10-15)
4-101.pdf4-101 Work Time, Site and Hours (Revised 10-15)
4-102  (revised 1-18).pdf4-102 Overtime and Compensatory Time (1-18)
4-103.pdf4-103 Sick Leave (1-18)
4-104.pdf4-104 Holiday Leave
4-105.pdf4-105 FMLA (Revised 10-15)
4-106.pdf4-106 Emergency Essential Employees
4-107.pdf4-107 Attendance During Emergencies (Revised 1-16)
4-108.pdf4-108 Alternative Duty Status (11-17)
4-109.pdf4-109 Tardiness
4-110.pdf4-110 Transfer Shift Changes (12-15)
4-111.pdf4-111 Promotions (12-15)
4-112.pdf4-112 Secondary Employment - LE (12-17)
4-113.pdf4-113 Secondary Employment For Civilians (Revised 4-7-15)
4-114.pdf4-114 Military Service
4-115.pdf4-115 Bereavement Leave
4-116.pdf4-116 Work Related Injuries
4-117.pdf4-117 Extended Military Deployment
4-118.pdf4-118 Separation from the Department (6-17)
collapse Chapter : 05 – Rules of Conduct Disciplinary Procedures ‎(19)
5-100.pdf5-100 Rules of Conduct for Law Enforcement
5-101.pdf5-101 Rules Of Conduct For Civilians (2-16)
5-102.pdf5-102 Complaints Against Civilian Employees (2-16)
5-103.pdf5-103 Disciplinary Process for Civilians (2-16)
5-104.pdf5-104 LEOBR (Revised 4-17)
5-105.pdf5-105 Compliants Against Police Employees (2-16)
5-106.pdf5-106 Emergency Suspension of Police Powers (Revised 10-15)
5-107.pdf5-107 Disciplinary Process for Police Employees (Revised 4-17)
5-108.pdf5-108 Hearing Boards (4-17)
5-109.pdf5-109 Attention to Duty (4-16)
5-110.pdf5-110 Grievance Procedures (Revised 7-15)
5-111.pdf5-111 Discrimination and Harassment
5-112.pdf5-112 Sexual Harassment
5-113.pdf5-113 PEP Law Enforcement (Revised 2-3-15)
5-114.pdf5-114 PEP Civilians (revised 12-29-14)
5-115.pdf5-115 Drugs, Alcohol and Random Testing
5-116.pdf5-116 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
5-117.pdf5-117 Department Commendations (Revised 3-26-15)
5-118.pdf5-118 Workplace Violence
collapse Chapter : 06 – Appearance ‎(8)
6-100.pdf6-100 Uniforms and Equipment (12-15)
6-101.pdf6-101 Appearance Standards
6-102.pdf6-102 Personnel Inspection
6-103.pdf6-103 Requesting Uniforms & Equipment
6-104.pdf6-104 Soft Body Armor
6-105.pdf6-105 Respiratory Protection Program
6-106.pdf6-106 Smoking Policies
6-107.pdf6-107 Military Courtesy
collapse Chapter : 07 – Vehicles ‎(5)
7-100.pdf7-100 Operation and Care of Department Vehicles
7-101.pdf7-101 Vehicle Inspection
7-102.pdf7-102 Vehicle Pursuit
7-103.pdf7-103 Departmental Accidents
7-104.pdf7-104 Vehicle Idling Policy
collapse Chapter : 08 – Weapons and Use of Force ‎(12)
8-100.pdf8-100 Use of Force (6-17)
8-101.pdf8-101 Firearms - Use (3-16)
8-101.1.pdf8-101.1 Firearms Training (2-17)
8-101.2.pdf8-101.2 Approved Firearms (8-17)
8-101.3.pdf8-101.3 Firearms Safety and Care (3-16)
8-101.4.pdf8-101.4 Patrol Rifle (8-17)
8-102.pdf8-102 Electronic Control Device (1-16)
8-103.pdf8-103 OC Spray (5-15)
8-104.pdf8-104 Expandable Baton (5-15)
8-105.pdf8-105 Firearms Guidelines Retired Officers
8-106.pdf8-106 Weapons Inventory Control
8-108.pdf8-108 PepperBall System (09-09-15)
collapse Chapter : 09 – Property and Evidence ‎(6)
9-100.pdf9-100 Property and Evidence (Revised 8-15)
9-101.pdf9-101 Packages, Letters, Parcels or Files
9-102.pdf9-102 Lost and Found property
9-103.pdf9-103 Property Pass
9-104.pdf9-104 Crime Scene Processing
9-105.pdf9-105 CDS Asset Forfeiture
collapse Chapter : 10 – Report Writing ‎(3)
10-100.pdf10-100 Reporting Requirements
10-101.pdf10-101 Field Report Guide
10-102.pdf10-102 Incidents Requiring a Written Report
collapse Chapter : 11 – Records Management ‎(4)
11-100.pdf11-100 Records Management
11-101.pdf11-101 Filing and Retention Schedule (5-16)
11-102.pdf11-102 Forms Management (revised 7-15)
11-103.pdf11-103 Security of Protection of Information
collapse Chapter : 14 – Field Operations ‎(8)
14-100.pdf14-100 ETIX
14-101.pdf14-101 Traffic Citations (revised 10-15)
14-102.pdf14-102 License Plate Reader
14-103.pdf14-103 Bloodborne Pathogens
14-104.pdf14-104 Needle Stick Injury
14-105.pdf14-105 Training (10-16)
14-106.pdf14-106 Release of Information
14-107.pdf14-107 Towing and Impound of Vehicles (4-16)
collapse Chapter : 15 – Investigations ‎(15)
15-100.pdf15-100 Part One Offense Reporting
15-101.pdf15-101 Interviews and Interrogations
15-102.pdf15-102 Field Interview Reports
15-103.pdf15-103 Domestic Violence
15-104.pdf15-104 Domestic Violence By Officer
15-105.pdf15-105 Lethality Assessment Program
15-106.pdf15-106 Eyewitness Identification (1-16)
15-107.pdf15-107 CVSA (02-17)
15-108.pdf15-108 Harassment Stalking and Peace Orders
15-109.pdf15-109 Identity Theft
15-110.pdf15-110 Sexual Assault Investigations
15-111.pdf15-111 Search and Seizure Warrantless
15-112.pdf15-112 Search Warrants
15-114.pdf15-114 Victim Witness Assistance
15-115.pdf15-115 Lost or Stolen Regulated Firearm
collapse Chapter : 16 – Arrest Procedures ‎(7)
16-100.pdf16-100 Arrest Procedures (1-16)
16-101.pdf16-101 Warrant Arrests (1-16)
16-102.pdf16-102 Prisoners Requiring Medical Care (1-16)
16-103.pdf16-103 Juvenile Arrests and Contacts
16-103.2.pdf16-103.2 Juvenile Arrest Procedures Baltimore
16-104.pdf16-104 Uniform Criminal Citation Procedures (3-17)
16-105.pdf16-105 Civil Marijuana Violations (Revised 12-14)