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CL§4-208(b)(2) Possession of firearms at public demonstrations:

A person may not have a firearm in the person’s possession or on or about the person at a demonstration in a public place or in a vehicle that is within 1000 feet of a demonstration in a public place after:

i. The person has been advised by a law enforcement officer that a demonstration is occurring at the public place; and

ii. The person has been ordered by the law enforcement officer to leave the area of the demonstration until the person disposes of the firearm.

The Maryland Capitol Police (MCP) does not permit weapons in any of its Maryland Government Buildings. (COMAR B)

Except for official purposes and by authorized personnel, an individual on the property may not carry open or concealed firearms, explosives, incendiary devices, or dangerous or deadly weapons.

Exceptions to this policy will be for the following circumstances:

  • A Police Officer in uniform, acting in his/her official capacity, and/or who is on official duty and representing his/her Agency. Firearms may be carried as directed by the Police Officers Agency's Policy on wearing and carrying firearms while in uniform.
  • A Police Officer not in uniform, who is acting in his/her official capacity as a representative of his/her Agency, will display his/her badge of authority and conform to his/her Agency's Policy on wearing and carrying firearms.​​